Gomesa Moon Shadow 'Tiger Tail' BM/JOGA

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Gomesa Hornet × Gomesa Big Bee

Experience the beauty of an award-winning orchid from Japan with Gomesa Moon Shadow 'Tiger Tail' BM/JOGA. Its striking appearance resembling a dancing lady or a bumble bee will add a touch of elegance to your home.  

💚Difficulty: Intermediate/Advance  (some what finicky, not for beginners in Oncidium family. Would recommend a standard/compact oncidium to start)
🪴Size:  Medium
🌸 Blooms: No aroma
🌱 Grown by: Mericlone (awarded), stable 
🧬 Genetics: Oncidiinae > Gomesa
🌿 Note: Leaves are very prone to spotting in this variety.  Does not affect plant health. Spotting will reduce once settled into a space long term. See tips below.