includes Catasetum – Clowesia – Cycnoches – Dressleria – Galeandra – Grobya – Mormodes

These are typically Roestocked during Oct to Jan, when they are dormant and are suited to travel.  Once the main growth spurts cycle begins (usually May) we do not recommend shipping.  Best to purchase before winter (Nov - Jan) or just before spring (end of March - beginning of May)

Shipping during growth season can cause the current growth to abort, leaving you with a small bulb, but will not kill the plant.

New to Catasetinae? See our Introductory guide.   We recommend starting with the  Cycd. Wine Delight 'Jem' FCC/AOS Cycd. Taiwan Gold Orange Ctsm. Jamie's Lawson XOXO or any with a larger bulb, which tend to be more forgiving.
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