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  1. Where do you ship?
  2. Whats the cost of shipping?
  3. Do you deliver?
  4. Can I pick up?

Before you purchase

  1. What size are the orchids?
  2. What are the different maturity of the orchid and how long until I see it bloom?
  3. What does “In spike/In bud” mean? (Flowering)
  4. What are the differences between a seed grown orchid and a mericlone orchid?
  5. I am new to orchids, can you make a recommendation please? 
  6. Does Roehampton Orchids use pesticides on their orchids?

    After you receive your orchids

    1. What to do when the Orchid arrives? 
    2. Should I repot my new orchid?
    3. Should you water your new orchid right away?
    4. Should you fertilize your new orchid? 
    5. Can you tell me how to care for my orchid? Do you have care sheet?


    1. Where do you ship? 

    We ship Canada wide! Orders are only shipped out on Mon - Weds, therefore fulfillment time can range from 1-4 weeks. Click here for more shipping details.


    2. Whats the cost of shipping?

    Shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the order, and your location. Once you add everything to cart, proceed to check out and enter your address for an estimation (typically between 20-50$).  

      • UPS Standard is available for Ontario to Montreal vicinity (east) and Winnipeg vicinity (west) orders (1-2 days)
      • All other out of province order must use UPS Expedited (1-2 days)
    Please be aware the shipping days shown is the estimated time the package will spend in transit provided by the carrier's service. It is not the number of days your package will arrive from the time you order. Average fulfillment is between 1-2 weeks from ordering.

    Tip: The base cost of the shipping is most expensive, and can ship 4-5 small / medium size plants.  Any additional increments are small addition. To make the best out of shipping it is best to ship 3-4 plants and not just 1. 


    3. Do you deliver?

    Yes, the GTA and some surrounding Hamilton Milton and more is flat rate. Average fulfilment time is 1-2 weeks. A "Local Delivery" option will appear if your postal code is eligible. (For small to large plants)

    For X-Large and Arrangement, delivery is only available to local within 5-8km. Please contact us (bottom right chat bubble) to speak with one of us and see if we can deliver. 


    4. Can I pick up?

    Yes, we have two pick up location in the GTA. 

      1. Our shop is located at 688 Mount Pleasant Rd. in Toronto. (Mount Pleasant & Eglinton). In store shopping is open. For shop directions and parking see here. 
      2. Winston-Churchill & Derry Rd (Mississauga) (1 week fulfillment time) - pick up only - not a store location 


    Before you purchase

    Please remember that the orchids featured on the website will look slightly different than what you will receive due to monitor variations in colours and photo lighting. Plant blooms have variations due to care and culture. Please be advised that variations exist between plants, especially seed grown plants and photos are for reference only. We do our best to ensure size and appearance reflect as best as possible to the sample photo.

    1. What size are the orchids?

    Our sizing guide is an estimate of the orchid when it is at blooming size The plants will grow indefinitely under good care, and this size scale is not universal. It is used for reference on our website only.

    • Miniature orchid are approximately ~1-2 inches in height or width
    • Small orchid are approximately 3-5 inches in height or width
    • Medium sized orchid are approximately 5-9 inches in height or width
    • Large sized orchid are approximately over 10 inches in height or width
    • X-Large sized orchids are 16"+in height or width


    2. What are the different maturity of the orchid and how long until I see it bloom?

    Our maturity guide is an estimation based on other photos and experience. In optimal conditions, smaller orchids have surprised us with beautiful blooms. On the other hand, there have been larger orchids that have refused to spike. 

    • Seedling size (SS): 2 years or more until bloom
    • Near Blooming Size (NBS): should bloom within 1-2 years
    • Blooming Size (BS): should bloom within 6 months, or have previously bloomed


    3. What does “In spike/In bud” mean? (Flowering)

    If you purchase an orchid in spike, it is in a stage of developing a flower spike that may bloom. There are many different stages of spikes, from just beginning of development to about to or fully opened blooms.

    Sequential / Continuous bloomers have blooms one after another. Although the previous blooms may have dropped, it will continue to bloom with proper care.

    Shipping In-Spike: We believe we provide the highest quality of packaging to preserve a spike. However, by purchasing in-spike you are responsible for the risk if the buds blast (failing) or, the spike breaking is always present when shipping orchids in spike. Damaged buds or spikes will not be replaced, these plants will bloom again with proper care.


    4. What are the differences between a seed grown orchid and a mericlone orchid? 

    A mericlone is often taken from an award winning or desirable plant to mass produce it and is almost identical to the plant the sample was taken from. Different care and culture will still give variations.

    Famous mericlone orchids can include the highly sought after Gomesa Jiaho Queen ('Jiaho' GM/TOGA ), and the ever popular Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’. 

    Seeds can be taken from award winning plants and crossed or taken from any plant or plants and be crossed. No two seed grown orchids will develop to be the same, which will make the orchid uniquely yours.


    5. I am new to orchids, can you make a recommendation please? 

    We have a wide range of orchids available, and we have an approximate care level difficulty on each plant based on our experience. However, it is hard to recommend a single type of orchid to you, as each individual has so many personal preference ranging from sizing, colour, fragrance, watering habits, grow space factors and many more. Growing orchids is deeply personal and depends on many factors. Listen to your orchid and it will let you know if it is happy.

    Generally, some people think that the Phalaenopsis orchid is an easy starting point and great learning plant and other people find them incredibly difficult to grow.

    Some great stepping stones for wanting to move beyond Phalaenopsis orchids are Oncidiinea orchids as they have pseudobulbs to help store energy and water and do not require large amounts of light. 

    Another of our favourite is the elegant Paphiopedilum family. These beauties require lower light and more moisture and use bark instead of moss. They are very rewarding when in bloom, and often have gorgeous mottled leaves when out of bloom. 

    We encourage everyone to explore and research before making the decision to purchase your new orchid. 

    6. Does Roehampton Orchids use pesticides on your orchids?

    We do not use chemical pesticides on our orchids when they are under our care.  We use all natural alternatives such as Safer's soap and horticultural oil as a preventative measure and as treatment options.  Additionally we do use predatory mites to ensure a pest free environment. You may see a predatory mite on your orchid.
    However, pesticides are used from our various vendors in the world to ensure plants are free of pest when entering Canadian borders.  If you are inhabiting the plants with other living creatures, we recommend isolating the plant for 90 days before adding them into their space. 


    After you received your orchids

    When you first open your new orchid order our hope is that they look as happy and healthy as when we shipped them to you but, let’s face it, who likes being put in a box with little air flow and different temperatures for a few days? Sometimes they might arrive looking a little stressed, this is normal. If the orchid is in need of water, hydrate it and, otherwise it should perk right back up in 2-3 days. If you are unsure or the order doesn't seem to look quite right, don't hesitate to reach out to us immediately.


    1. What to do when the Orchid arrives?

    Isolate from your collection and inspect the plants carefully. If everything looks good, allow the plant to gradually settle in for 24 hours before any watering if needed. If the package was delayed and the plant was severely dehydrated, please contact us for directions or water immediately with luke warm water.  Do not stress the plant with drastic temperature changes. 


    Pests: Although we do everything we can to mitigate any pests or disease on our orchids the possibility always remains.  As we do not use harsh pesticides when under our care, pest is always a potential possibility. Hence we alway isolate prior to introducing to your collection. Please contact us we can offer pest control methodologies. Pests are a natural part of collecting plants, and We do not guarantee against pest, as insects can occur at any point. 

    All plants are inspected for any signs of disease or virus prior to shipping. To the best of our knowledge, our plants leave free of pests or diseases. Plants are, however, living things and they can at any time develop or infected by disease, virus, or fungus throughout transit. If you suspect a plant has been infected, reach out to us for help!

    2. Should I repot my new orchid?

    Do not repot when your orchid arrives unless otherwise specified or a new growth is emerging for specific cycles. 

    Your orchid is experiencing stress from transit (being tossed in a box, experiencing difference in light cycle, temperature and humidity etc) The last thing you want to do is unroot it from its home causing extreme unnecessary stress.

    All of our orchids arrive in appropriate pots and media. Although it may not be suitable for your grow environment, it is best to wait minimum 2-3 weeks before repotting to the media of your choice. 

    Most orchids should be repotted every 1-2 years, depending on how fast the media decays. Each orchid genus have slightly different needs. It is important to do your research prior to purchasing. 


    3. Should you water your new orchid right away and how often?

    All orchids are different and have different needs. Keep in mind the culture and care requirements of your orchid as some orchids need a clear wet dry cycle whereas some should always remain slightly moist. Some may be in dormant stage and should not be watered.

    Keep all these factors in mind when deciding if you should water your new orchid immediately.


    4. Should you fertilize your new orchid? 

    We recommend waiting at least one month until the orchid has had a chance to recover from any stress caused by shipping. Start with low dosage and always check if the plant is actively growing and need the fertilizer. Do not use the fertilizer to try to "save the plant" or "kick start it from dormancy" as it will not absorb the fertilizer and cause root burns. 


    5. Can you tell me how to care for my orchid? Do you have care sheet?

    Re-visit the orchid's page on our website for basic care guideline such as light, temperature, water etc requirements for each individual orchid, so we can keep printing to a minimum.

    As we live in different regions of Canada, the culture, choices of media, direction of windows etc may differ.  We cannot give you a definitive answer as we are not physically in your grow space. Use this information as a starting guide and the culture should be adapted to suit your environment

    There are also many online resources to learn from. Join our facebook community group and feel free to post any growing and culture questions there! Many are willing to share their secret to success in different environment and various growing methodologies . 



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    We've developed innovative growing techniques, which allow us to bring healthy tropical plants to the Canadian market. Each plant is grown with the highest degree of attention and care. To ensure these beautiful orchids will continue to flourish in your home, we promise to help every step of the way - this is our commitment to you

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