Add to order request

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1-4 items, please leave us the list of orchids in the chat on bottom right, we can add it to your existing order so your queue doesn't get pushed back. There may be shipping surcharge for larger items. If your order has already been packed and the new items did not make it in they will be refunded. 

If adding 5+ items, Please add this in your order if you have an existing order you would like to combine shipping. Please input your previous order # in the cart notes.

  • Due of the high volume of orders, we cannot guarantee the merging of orders. We don't have specific cutoff day of the week for add on orders, but orders are preprocessed for shipping.
  • If the new order doesn't merge, we're pleased to offer you a refund or you may opt to cover the shipping charges. Please let us know your choice.
  • Select the same shipping carrier and we will refund the difference in shipping cost to you after the shipment has been shipped. 
  • If merged - your order will be pushed to the back of the shipping queue after the merge with a new order #. 

Thank you