Phal. schilleriana

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💚 Difficulty: Intermediate-Advance
🪴 Size:  Medium to Large over time
🌸 Blooms: Some cultivar are found to be fragrant with rose-like smell, cannot confirm.  Different cultivar can variation in size, colour saturation and count of blooms.
🌱 Grown by: x sib, some variation
🧬 Genetics:  subg-phalaenopsis, low altitude grower, prefers hot
💡 Note: Phal. schilleriana blooms are very sensitive to shipping and transit, will not ship well in spike.

🌡 Temp: Intermediate-Warm to (preferably) Warm/Hot (20-32°C day - 16-24°C night) 4-6°C difference day/night. Prefers warm 24°C+ - warm to hot.  Temperature swing of 5°C+/- usually induces infloresence (flowering)

💧 Water:  Heavy wet to complete dryout cycles. Hard dry required or roots may rot. When roots are abundance, new roots can stay slightly moist. Reverse Osmosis / Distilled or Rain water is best. DO NOT use ice cubes.

☁️Humidity: 40%+min (50-90% optimal)

💡 Light: Bright indirect (East Morning or Sunset Light direct, Mid-summer day indirect) year round.  Artificial supplementary light recommended in winter or low light homes. 10-12 hour light period to induce continuous flowering. 

🌰Media: Our preference is top 3" Sphagnum Moss & Leca bottom combo. Moss/Bark mix also works, prefer slightly higher water retentive media than regular Phalaenopsis as they like to stay slightly moist.

🧪: Fertilize: When it's actively growing in vegetative stage - typically when a top leaf emerges and growing. We recommend MSU & Marphyll rotation in low dosage every other watering and allow water flushing in between.