Marphyl Organic Fertilizer

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MARPHYL® Organic Soil Enhancer is a concentrated liquid that contains an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the marine phytoplankton, and it’s recommended for use only on household plants, urban/veggies gardens, lawns, golf courses and greenhouses.

Plants rely on potassium to facilitate the circulation of nutrients and on nitrogen as the essential element in photosynthesis, while the roots need phosphorus to thrive. MARPHYL® Organic Soil Enhancer is high in potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and also contains trace amounts of other nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium for optimum plant health and growth.

Directions: (Weekly weakly)

  • Shake well the bottle of MARPHYL® Organic Soil Enhancer.

  • Open the bottle. The liquid should look cloudy brown. A presence of some unpleasant smell is normal. The product is 100% natural and is made of decomposed phytoplankton. The smell will dissipate after you mix the Soil Enhancer with water.

  • Fill up your watering tank with enough fresh water to water your plants.

  • Measure how much MARPHYL Soil Enhancer you need. The rule is simple – you need 20 times less Soil Enhancer than water.

Water MARPHYL® Organic Soil Enhancer
5 liters 250 ml
1 liter 50 ml
1 gallon 6.4 ounces
1 cup 1 MARPHYL® Organic Soil Enhancer cap

Guaranteed analysis

Calcium 420ppm 0.042%
Magnesium/Magnésium 1360ppm 0.136%
Nitrogen/Azote 1900ppm 0.19%
Phosphorus/Phosphore 9.6ppm 0.00096%
Potassium 314ppm 0.0314%
Boron/Bore 5.3ppm 0.00053%
Iron/Fer 4.3ppm 0.00042%

PPM = Part per million

Guaranteed analisis / analyse quarantie