Guarechea Black Comet

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Grc. Miva Etoile Noire Ɨ Psh. cochleata

šŸ’šDifficulty:Ā Beg/IntĀ 
šŸŖ“Size:Ā Medium to Large, undefinite bulbs
šŸŒøĀ Blooms:Ā Fragrant,Ā long lasting
šŸŒ±Ā Grown by: Laeliinae >Ā  Guarechea is a hybrid of the genus, Guarianthe and Prosthechea. Both are in the LaeliinaeĀ subtribus (more commonly known as cattleya's intergeneric alliance)
*Cultural and care information based on averageĀ LaeliinaeĀ care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

šŸŒ”Ā Temp:Ā Intermediate to Hot -Ā flex range, follow seasonal temp
šŸ’§Ā Water:Ā Full saturation to full dry ~7-10 days cycle. Complete dry between growths. Can keep moist during vegetative stage.
ā˜ļøHumidity: 30-40%+min, drought tolerant
šŸ’”Ā Light:Ā Bright,Ā MediumĀ directĀ 12-14 hoursĀ (SouthEast/West Light, avoid strongestĀ hour of the day during summer. Winter allow maximum any direct light exposure)
šŸŒ°Ā Media:Ā Sphagnum Moss and/or Fine bark mix combination.Ā  Best time to repot is when there is sign of a new growth.Ā The plant should be positioned in the pot so that the newest growth is farthest away from the edge of the pot, allowing the maximum number of new growths before crowding the pot.Ā Keep humidity high and fast wet to dry cycles in theĀ medium until new roots form.

šŸ§Ŗ:Ā Fertilize:Ā When it's actively growing in vegetative stage -Ā typically when a new growth or bulb emerges and is growing. Increase as the bulb gets more mature to maximize growth potential in the bulb to get highest chance of inflorescence (flowering).Ā  We recommendĀ MSUĀ &Ā MarphyllĀ rotation in low dosage every other or 3 watering and allow water flushing in between.Ā 

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