Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset

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Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset is a hybrid between Vandachostylis Thai Noi and Aerides houlletiana.  It's a compact vanda with beautiful clustered blooms of sunset colours. 

 *Cultural and care information based on average Vandeae care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment





🌡 Temp

🌸 Int-warm (☀️22-26°C/🌑17-22°C)

💧 Water

Water when roots are dry, depends on potting style


Roots need 60%+ humidity if bareroot, or mist 2-3x daily. if potted in chunky media you can grow in 40% humidity

💡 Light

🌸 High, can be direct, ease transitions

🌸 Aroma


🌰 Media

Bareroot or large chunky bark in well draining basket

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