Paph. callosum

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Paph. callosum is a native lady slipper found throughout southeast Asia, in evergreen coniferous forest at low elevations. They grow well in warm to hot humid conditions, with consistent moisture in their soil. 

*Cultural and care information based on average warm Paphiopedilum care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

💚Difficulty: Intermediate (species)
🌱Size:  Small to Medium
🌸 Blooms: No Aroma

🌱 Grown by: seed x sib

🌡 Temp: Intermediate to Warm
💧 Water: Water cycling. Do not allow full dry, keep moist. Preferably distilled water. 
☁️Humidity: 40%+min can and prefer high humidity
💡 Light: Bright Indirect (Similar to Phalaenopsis)
🌰 Media: Potting mix, fine bark charcoal perlite mix, top tree fern

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