Ornithocephalus gladiatus

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*Cultural and care information based on average leafless orchid care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

💚Difficulty: Intermediate - Advance
🪴Size:  Miniature, great for terrariums
🌸 BloomsNo aroma, small yellow
🌱 Grown by: x sib
🧬 GeneticsCymbidieae > Oncidiinae >  Ornithocephalus

🌡 Temp: Intermediate to Warm  (20-30°C day - ~16-24°C night/winter) 4-6°C difference day/night.

💧 Water: Wet to almost dry, never allow complete dryout. Reverse Osmosis / Distilled or Rain water is best. 

☁️Humidity: 60%+min (60-90% optimal, ideal in terrariums)

💡 Light: Bright indirect to Medium (Oncidium level) (East Morning or Sunset Light direct, Mid-summer day indirect) year round. Artificial supplementary light recommended in winter or low light homes. 10-12 hour light period and strong enough light that does not damage leaves will encourage flowering. 

🌰Media: Mounted, cork / wood / plastic with little media preferably moss

🧪: Fertilize: MSU & Marphyll rotation in very low dosage every other or 3 watering and allow water flushing in between. 

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