Oeceoclades ugandae

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Oeceoclades ugandae is native to tropical Africa, including west tropical Africa (Ghana and Ivory Coast), west-central tropical Africa (Gulf of Guinea islands and the Democratic Republic of the Congo), northeast tropical Africa (Ethiopia), and east tropical Africa (Kenya and Uganda).

*Cultural and care information based on average Oeceoclades care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment. Little information is known about Oeceoclades, we suggest for experienced grower as it requires some experimenting.

💚Difficulty: Intermediate 
🌱Size:  Small
🌸 Blooms:  Small (<2cm)
🌱 Grown by:  Seed x sib 


🌡 Temp: Warm to Hot
💧 Water: Light watering (dry growing species, avoid keeping wet for long periods especially during dormancy)
☁️Humidity: 20%+
💡 Light: Bright indirect to Medium direct (Avoid sun at strongest 3-4 hours in peak summer)
🌰 Media: Bark / soil / sand mix / Moss

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