Onyx | 5 or 4 Custom Orchids

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Our matted anthracite-look bowl our orchids staged with preserved moss and lichen. Perfect gift to elevate a space.  The bowl can be reused for floral arrangements or fruit, or stands just as beautifully alone as an accent piece.


    • NOT the same as shown in photo
    • Choose any 3 or 4 of our 5" Multifloral orchids  (Write in the cart note which 3 or 4 would have a fuller appearance. If no notes we will choose the best we have in stock available. 
    •  Arrangement can also be done with other combination of orchids but recommend Phalaenopsis for longest lasting flowers. Message us bottom right for customization
    • Decorative preserved moss / liche
    • Fully recycled polypropylene Bowl 
  •  13.75x6.75"
  • Approx. 22-30" tall
  • Can include a small note card - write in note section in your cart
  • 💧 Watering an arrangement: Water when completely dry. When watering, spray 1/4 (Small Orchids) to 1/2 (Large orchid) of a cup of water into the inner pot every 10 days until blooms fall.  Then remove and grow individually with soaking method.