Maxillaria swartziana

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Maxillariella prolifera, aka Maxillaria swartziana, a unique fascinating miniature orchid native in Jamaica identified in 1966 by C.D.Adams. Produces little burgundy blooms. 

Note: Purchase includes small terrarium cork mount pre-mounted. Not an abundance of research in this species. Will grow well in high humidity terrariums.





🌡 Temp:

Int/int-warm (☀️18-22/🌑15-20°C)

💧 Water:

Wet/ Dry (daily if mounted)


High 85%+

💡 Light:

 Medium indirect

🌸 Bloom 

No aroma

🌱 Grown by

x sib - seed grown - variability in bloom colour - brown / amber / red / maroon shade

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