Ludisia 'Spiderman'

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Ludisia discolor 'Spiderman' (Anoectochilus roxburghii x Ludisia discolor), a jewel orchid with stunning foilage. Ludisia is easy to care for, making it a great entry into jewel orchid collection.  





🌡 Temp:

Intermediate-W to Warm (21-27°C)

💧 Water:

Wet/Dry cycle, keep root tips wet

Do not keep leaves or stem wet


Seedlings 95%+  

Mature 60%min / ~70%

💡 Light:

🌸 Low-Med Bright indirect

🌰 Media

Ensure it has an airy growing substrate - Sphagnum Moss or try our jewel orchid soil mix. Does well in terrarium / vivarium.

🌸 Aroma


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