Lepanthes Sherry Bridygham

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Lepanthes calodictyon × Lepanthes telipogoniflora

Gorgeous when not in bloom and stunning tiny flowers when in bloom this orchid is a showstopper! It has a gorgeous net pattern on the leaves that will make this Lepanthes stand out in any collection all year round. It is known to flower prolifically at any time of the year with flowers that last for around 4 days but re bloom in succession. The flowers are tiny, not even a centimetre across but are extremely intricate in detail. This orchid is found growing on trees in mountain forests in Ecuador and Colombia at high elevations.  

Product available for  purchases are 3-4+ leaves. Expect a few leaves to drop if shipping (FRAGILE) 

Limited shipping warranty (48 hours within receiving plant).  Buyer expected to re-acclimatized and expect minor setback in plants after domestic shipping. 

Winter: Pick Up Only

💚Difficulty: Advance 
🪴Size:  Miniature
🌸 Blooms: No Aroma, ~<1cm 
🌱 Grown by: seed x

🌡 Temp: Warm/Hot to Intermediate-Warm  (23-32°C day - 18-24°C night/winter) 4-6°C difference day/night. Prefers warm 24°C+ 

💧 Water: Wet to almost dry, never allow complete dryout. Reverse Osmosis / Distilled or Rain water is best. 

☁️Humidity: 60%+min (60-90% optimal, ideal in terrariums)

💡 Light: Bright indirect to shaded (East Morning or Sunset Light direct, Mid-summer day indirect) year round.  Low level artificial supplementary light recommended in winter or low light homes. 10-12 hour light period and strong enough light that does not damage leaves will encourage flowering. 

🌰Media: Mounted, cork / wood / plastic with little media preferably moss

🧪: Fertilize: MSU & Marphyll rotation in very low dosage every other or 3 watering and allow water flushing in between. 

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