Gastrochilus japonicus

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Gastrochilus japonicus is native to east Asia islands from Japan to Taiwan, often in the mountainous forest summits from 500-2000m. This is an epiphytic orchid that can grow from warm to cool. Blooms are generally in the fall, with clusters of beautiful iridescence yellowish green petals, centre may have slight variations. 

*Cultural and care information based on average Gastrochilus care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

💚Difficulty: Beginner 
🌱Size:  Miniature
🌸 Blooms: Slight citrus fragrance, Miniature ~1-2cm
🌱 Grown by: x sib 
🌡 Temp: IW to Warm
💧 Water: Wet/Dry cycle Water when approaching dry
☁️Humidity: 50%+ preferred
💡 Light: Bright indirect (East Morning Light)
🌰 Media: Sphagnum Moss and/or Bark mix

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"Gastrochilus japonicus ‘#B' (Taiwan) (Makino) Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 12: 315 (1913)" by sunoochi is licensed under CC BY 2.0