Den Thongchai Gold 'Mutation'

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Dendrobium Jiad Gold × Dendrobium Madame Uraiwan

💚Difficulty: Beginner
🪴Size: Large canes - Can grow indefinitely
🌸 Aroma: None
🌱 Grown by: Mericlone, peloric has variability within same plant, 3-lip or 2-eye
🧬 Genetics: Den. Sec. Spatulata & Phalaenanthe

Culture and Care for Dendrobium Sec. Phalaenanthe

*Cultural and care information based on average Den sec. Phalaenanthe care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

🌡 Temp: Warm to hot, (20-35°C) year round depending on the species or hybrid. Winter do not drop below 15°C.

💧 Water: High volume of water during vegetative growth. Increase as root mass grows until it reaches full size potential. Once growth is mature and flowers, significantly reduce watering until next cycle. Typically these are found in areas with high monsoon season for 3-5 months, and arid the rest of the year.

☁️Humidity: Follow the same as watering cycle. Are tolerable down to30%+min during arid seasons but would enjoy up to 50-70% with good airflow during vegetative stage.

💡 Light: Medium direct / Bright indirect. Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, particularly in the summer afternoon. During vegetative cycle can provide 10-12 hours of photoperiod.  

🌰 Media: Growers choice. Smaller size bark mix or Sphagnum moss with a well draining pot, as long as grower can provide proper watering practices. Can be mounted as well.

🧪: Fertilize: Only during active growth following the same as watering cycle. Reduce during arid season.

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