Den. Hamana Lake 'Prism'

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Dendrobium Kurenai × Dendrobium Snow Angel

💚Difficulty: Beg/Int (Easy to grow, Int to bloom)
🪴Size:  Medium to Large height. Canes can multiply indefinitely
🌸 Blooms: Fragrant, Large blooms
🌱 Grown by: Mericlone, some variability in colours
🧬 Genetics: Den. Sec. Dendrobium (moniliforme x nobile) (Dendrobium & Nobile Hybrid) - Nobile-type Dendrobiums are deciduous—you can expect them to drop leaves during their rest period. Plants require a cool, dry rest in fall/winter to initiate flowering.

*Cultural and care information based on average Dendrobium-nobiles care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

🌡 Temp: Cool to Warm (10-27°C)**  During active growth keep at IW to W (16-27°C). Once cane mature, cool night temperatures (14-19°C) stimulates flowering. Once buds form, resume to Inter-warm to warm temp
💧 Water: Wet/Dry cycle. During vegetative stage (actively growing), increase watering, light, temp and fertilizer. Once mature and waiting to flower, reduce watering to full hard dry cycles and into the cool temp. 
☁️Humidity: 30%+min (40-60% beneficial)
💡 Light: Bright indirect or Medium direct (Avoid sun at strongest 2 hours in summer) Can be grown outdoors during summer in the shade
🧪: Fertilize: Only during active growth 

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