Cym. Sunshine Falls

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Cymbidium ensifolium × hookerianum

*Cultural and care information based on average Cymbidium care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

💚Difficulty: Beg/Int
🌱Size:  Large
🌸 Blooms: unconfirmed fragrance. Require some cooling to flower. 
🌱 Grown by:  x seed 


🌡 Temp: Cool to Warm (Warm summers for growth and vegetative cycle, does not need cooling to initiate spike). Can be grown outdoors to follow seasonal temperatures up until night time ~12°C
💧 Water: Full saturation and keep slight moist during summer, then allow full dry outs in the winter.  Pseudobulbs can store large amount of water if watered correctly and can be left to dry for up to 10-12 days. 
☁️Humidity: 20%+min if watered correctly. 
💡 Light: Bright semi direct (South-East Light, avoid strongest 2-4 hours in summer)
🌰 Media: Semi-epiphytic - Well draining potting soil mix with coconut chips, bark, perlite, and/or Sphagnum Moss

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