Angraecum leonis

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With stunning porcelain white blooms and beautiful scimitar shaped flowers, combined with ease of care this is a must have for any collection. 
This is a great starter plant to get into other varieties of orchids as it can tolerate many different conditions. Angraecum Leonis can be grown in light levels ranging from Phalaenopsis light levels all the way to Cattleya level light! This orchid is very forgiving when it comes to over watering as it likes more water than not in the growing season.

Angraecum  leonis is found in the Comoros islands between Africa and Madagascar at around 900 meters above sea level.
The blooming period is in the winter and these are fragrant at night, smelling of spices.
Reduce watering in the winter season to encourage blooms. 





🌡 Temp:


💧 Water:

Wet/ Dry (daily if mounted)


65%+ (50% min)

💡 Light:

 Medium (Direct sun in mornings/evenings only)

🌸 Aroma

Yes Fragrant

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"Angraecum leonis (Rchb.f.) André, Rev. Hort. (Paris) 57: 294 (1885)" by sunoochi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

"Angraecum leonis (Rchb.f.) André, Rev. Hort. (Paris) 57: 294 (1885)" by sunoochi is licensed under CC BY 2.0