Orchid's colour and representation



The beautiful and delicate orchids have been seen as a symbol of abundance and fertility, with their elegant appearance evoking notions of luxury, refinement, and innocence.

Orchids come in array of rainbow colours, but each colour is said to represent a meaning. Although the colouring is a generic guideline and should be taken lightly. 

Pink orchids 
Pink orchids are frequently associated with femininity, grace, and elegance, and can also be utilized to express admiration, appreciation, or gratitude. A bouquet of pink orchids will make anyone feel like a graceful and elegant queen!


Yellow orchids 
Yellow orchids bring happiness, joy and strength - making them the perfect congratulations or good luck flower. They also symbolize friendship, warmth, and well-wishes.


Purple orchids 
Purple orchids radiate an aura of extravagance, splendor, and majesty. Their lush hues evoke thoughts of royalty and lavishness. In the Victorian era, purple orchids were regarded as elusive treasures, coveted by all.


Orange orchids
Orange orchids burst with energy, enthusiasm, pride, confidence and enthusiasm and creativity. Their vibrant hues reflect the sun's warmth as it kisses the evening sky or the cozy glow of a winter hearth.


White orchids
White orchids are often seen as symbols of purity and innocence. They can be given as a sign of appreciation, respect, or reverence. White orchids can also be used to convey a message of hope or new beginnings. 


However, White orchids can also represent loss of life in Asian cultures, which explains why they are often found at funerals. While Red and pink represent life and celebration. Be mindful of the culture and traditions of the receiver when gifting white orchids.


Red orchids
Red orchids can symbolize passion, signs of affection and romantic love.  A popular alternative valentines choices to pink or roses. Although true red orchids are fairly rare to come by.


It is also a widely favoured colour during Lunar New Year to represent good luck and prosperity. It is customary for people to wear red and exchange red envelopes filled with cash or lottery tickets as symbols of prosperity and good luck for the year ahead. True red orchids are rare, so most are in a violet-red category.


Some colours that are not so common, especially within phalaenopsis are..


Green orchids

The green orchid symbolizes nature, harmony, and rejuvenation. It's believed that green orchids bring good health and fortune to your home.


Blue orchids

Natural blue is an extremely rare natural occurrence within orchids. The closest to blue is a violet blue. 

Orchids reimagined.

Close your eyes and picture an orchid. What you see is a tall slender stem with a cascade of blooms. We're here to broaden that definition.

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