Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana 'Pink Roe' JC/AOS

Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana 'Pink Roe' JC/AOS

February 23, 2024

Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana is a less commonly found variety that is sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. This unique orchid species is known for its exquisite beauty and delicate fragrance, making it a prized addition to any orchid collection. It is also commonly referred to as a "pink" bellina. The bellina species comes in many forms, and the one depicted in this article is the "fire" shape type.

What sets Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana apart?

Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana is a variety of the Phalaenopsis bellina species, known for its distinct coloration and markings. This orchid features delicate, pale pink petals with darker pink spots and a vibrant yellow center, creating a striking contrast that is truly captivating.

How to care for Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana?

When it comes to caring for Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana, it is important to provide the right growing conditions. This orchid thrives in warm, humid environments with bright, indirect light. It is essential to water Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana regularly, allowing the roots to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot. It's that simple and an easy grow for beginners. 

What makes this Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana so special?

Phalaenopsis bellina var. murtoniana was nominated for its exemplary colour and shape that resembles the Chinese character of fire 火. The. species itself can hold multiple flowers when mature and does produce several flower spikes at once, those spikes go dormant and reflower year after year.


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