Concrete Garden (Premade)

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Discover elegance in simplicity with our exquisite concrete planter, gracefully showcasing five beautiful white orchids. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this arrangement seamlessly blends modern sophistication with natural beauty. Each orchid radiates purity and serenity, harmonizing effortlessly with the minimalist charm of the concrete planter. Whether gracing a living room, office, or special event, this arrangement serves as a timeless statement piece, infusing any space with a sense of tranquility and refined elegance

  •  13.75x6.75"
  • Approx. 22-30" tall
  • Can include a small note card - write in note section in your cart
  • 💧 Watering an arrangement: Water when completely dry. When watering, spray 1/4 (Small Orchids) to 1/2 (Large orchid) of a cup of water into the inner pot every 10 days until blooms fall.  Then remove and grow individually with soaking method.