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Sed. japonica x Rhy. gigantea

The Dragon Charmy is a rare hybrid made by a Phalaenopsis (Sedirea) x Rhynchostylis.  It possess traits from both genus and needs a balance of both to grow successfully. 

💚Difficulty: Beg/Int - easy to grow, difficult to bloom due to unique hybridization of different genus. 
🪴Size:  Small
🌸 Blooms: Fragrant, waxy long lasting
🌱 Grown by: Mericlone, stable, should be similar to photos
🧬 Genetics Vandeae, Rhynchostylis and Phalaenopsis 

*Cultural and care information based on average Vanda/Phalaenopsis care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment, especially with light requirement between Vanda and Phal levels.

🌡 Temp: Inter-warm to warm (☀️23-28°C/🌑18-22°C)
💧 Water: Wet/Dry cycle Water when dry, requires full dryout
☁️Humidity: 40%+min
💡 Light: Bright indirect to Medium direct, SouthEast exposure.  Suggest to avoid the brightest 2 hours of the day in summer, maximize direct light in winter or add supplementary light. Will need higher than average phalaenopsis light to induce flowering
🌰 Media: Sphagnum moss & Perlite mix or chunky :Phal mix. Ensure it can dry out fully within 5-7 days or less. Faster 100% wet to 100% dry cycle is best. Grow like a Vanda.
🧪: Fertilize: When it's actively growing in vegetative stage - typically when a top leaf emerges and growing. We recommend MSU & Marphyll rotation in low dosage every other watering and allow water flushing in between. 

*Images are for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Due to variations of each individual plant, differences in monitors, colours of products may also appear different to those shown on the site.