Paph niveum

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One of the most well recognized Paphiopedilum orchids in the world with its 3 huge sweeping bright white petals and gorgeous iconic pouch which is dusted with just the right amount of red/purple blush on the petals this orchid is a classic and a great addition to all orchid collections.

Paph niveum is a warm growing dwarf species that can be grown in conditions similar to Oncidium orchids with moderately bright light but protected from direct sunlight. In nature these grow on west facing limestone cliff edges over hanging the sea protected from direct light but enjoy the light reflected back from the ocean. 

*Cultural and care information based on average paphiopedilum care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment





🌡 Temp:

IW to Warm (27/22°C) ❄️ (22/16°C)

💧 Water:

Wet/Dry cycle, keep moist



💡 Light:


🌰 Media

Soil mix / Tree fern / Coco peat 

🌸 Bloom 


🌱 Grown by 

x sibling (by seed)

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