Milt. Breathless 'Brilliant'
Milt. Breathless 'Brilliant'
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Milt. Breathless 'Brilliant'

Milt. Breathless 'Brilliant'

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Miltoniopsis, also called as Pansy orchid 'Breathless', is a unique hybrid  between Miltoniopsis Pink Lady and Miltoniopsis Pearl Ono (Miltoniopsis vexillaria, Miltoniopsis roezlii, Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis). Miltoniopsis are Oncidiinae subtribus and closely related to Oncidiums.

Use porous well-drained medium, such as bark to ensure excess water is drained.  Charcoal perlite or others can be added to aid general growing conditions, but make adjustment based on your environment. Semi hydro setup works well. Be cautious not to repot when new roots are growing unless it's emergency. No winter rest but do reduce water and temperature slightly.





🌡 Temp:

Int-cool (☀️20-24/🌑14-18°C)

💧 Water:

2-3 times weekly, keep substrate moist


70-90%max (60%+min)

Ensure high air circulation

💡 Light:


🌸 Aroma 🌸 Fragrant

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