Lunar Lucky Yellow Pot

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The beautiful and delicate orchids from China have been seen as a symbol of abundance and fertility, with their elegant appearance evoking notions of luxury, refinement, and innocence. As the season of Lunar New Year approaches, these precious flowers make for the perfect gift.

Yellow orchids bring happiness, joy and strength - making them the perfect congratulations or good luck flower. They also symbolize friendship, warmth, and well-wishes.


  • Arrangement as shown or similar to photo 
  • Decorative live mood moss
  • Approx. 20" tall
  • Includes a small note card - write in note section in your card. (Other languages inclusive)
  • 💧 Watering an arrangement: Water when completely dry. When watering, spray 1/4 (Small Orchids) to 1/2 (Large orchid) of a cup of water into the inner pot every 10 days until blooms fall.  Mist or spray mood moss on top every 4-7 days if room is dry. When flower expires, remove and grow individually with soaking method.