Ludisia discolor 'Marble'

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Ludisia discolor 'Marble' is a rare variegated form of the popular Ludisia discolor. They are native to Southeast Asia (Thailand Vietnam Philippines Malaysia Indonesia Burma), Northeast India and Southern China.  

*Sizing: Sizing are relative, there is no exact measurements in sizing as plants vary. Medium generally have 3 leaf growth or stem is approximately at 3-4".  Large 4-5"+ 4+ leaves or 2 small double growths.  XL are taller thick stems 6"+ 4+ leaves or double standard growths.




Medium, can grow continuously

🌡 Temp:

Int-warm (☀️/🌑°C)

💧 Water:

Wet/Dry cycle, keep root tips wet

Do not keep leaves or stem wet


~85% (60%+min)

💡 Light:


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