Den. senile

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Den senile is the White Haired Dendrobium, native to Laos and surrounding region. It's a miniature sized cool to warm growing epiphytic plant, and has a winter rest period.  It's tolerance for huge range of temperature makes it beginner friendly.  During grow season, Den. senile can take an abundance of light, but slightly shaded. Ensure strong air circulation throughout the year and full dry outs in the winter periods.

💚Difficulty: Beg/Int (Mounted)
🌱Size:  Miniature / Small
🌡 Temp: Int-warm flex (14-28°C) / ❄️(10-25°C)
💧 Water: Wet / Dry cycle (fast) - prefer to dry daily
☁️Humidity: 40%+min
💡 Light: Medium direct (SouthEast/West Light, avoid strongest 3-4 hours of the day during summer. Winter allow maximum direct light exposure)
🌰 Media: Mounted or shallow pot to dry quick
🌸 Blooms: Fragrant
🌱 Grown by: x sib  
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