Den. parishii

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A staple found in most orchid collections, this Dendrobium is the fluffy teddy bear of the orchid world. The instantly recognizable shape and magnificent violent-pink white gradient are complemented by the wonderful fluff on the orchid's lip and a sweet scent that just leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Den. Perishii can be found in dry deciduous forests across Southeast Asia at elevations between 250-1700 meters above sea level, and will bloom between February and August.

Note: Den parishii is a deciduous orchid and will lose all their leaves when going into dormancy. Be cautious of the cycle at which the plant is in and adjust care as needed. Flowers will bloom on previous years' canes, so do not remove old canes.

*Cultural and care information based on average deciduous Dendrobium care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment





🌡 Temp:

🌸 Warm-hot (☀️25-26/🌑17-18°C) 

❄️ Lower by 1-2°C

💧 Water:

🍃-🍂 Med - High (minimize dry out)

❄️💤  Low, Wet/Dry cycle (allow dry out when dormant)


🌸80-85%+ / ❄️60%+min

💡 Light:

🌸 High during growth (High tolerant to burn)


🌸Yes, Fragrant (some say like raspberries*)

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