Cym. Romantic Sakura

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Cym. Romantic Sakura is beautiful and compact. Blooms easily and blooms long and profusely. Delicate pink flowers have a light fragrance. It is a compact grower that grows to about 12-14” in height. Can bloom up to two times in a year with beautiful pink flowers

*Cultural and care information based on average Cymbidium care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

💚Difficulty: Beg/Int
🌱Size:  Large
🌡 Temp: Cool to IW (Warm summers for growth, Cool to initiate spike)
💧 Water: Keep medium moist and also allow water cycling. Semi-hydro is a great setup. Do not allow dry out
☁️Humidity: 40%+min, keep substrate moist
💡 Light: Bright semi direct (South-East Light, avoid strongest 2-4 hours in summer)
🌰 Media: Sphagnum Moss and/or fine Bark mix airy soil mix
🌸 Blooms: Should be fragrant (unconfirmed)
🌱 Grown by: Mericlone 

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