Chysis limminghei

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Chysis is a very unique genus of plants, as they are the only group under Chysinae with approximately 11 species.  They are an epiphytic species of the Neotropics with club-shaped, pendulous pseudobulbs. 

The limminghei is native in Mexico as a pendant growing epiphyte. They bloom once a year and are fragrant, waxy and long lasting.

Seedlings may take ~2-3 cycle of growth before seeing a bloom. Approx 1-2 years.

*Cultural and care information based on average Catasetum care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

💚Difficulty: Beg/Int 
🌱Size:  Small to Medium
🌡 Temp: Intermediate-Warm to Warm
💧 Water: Based on growth stage, Water more during active growth. Drier during dormancy period but still wet / dry cycle.
☁️Humidity: 🌸 50-90% | ❄️ ~40% (unimportant)
💡 Light: 🌸 High during growth season. Gradually increase similar to watering. | ❄️ Low (unimportant)
🌰 Media: Bark mix / Sphagnum Moss / Coconut husk mix - not picky
🌸 Blooms:  Fragrant, Medium (5-6cm)
🌱 Grown by:  Mericlone
🧪: Fertilizer: Slow release fertilizer works well. Or increase fertilizer (dosage or frequency) as watering volume increases. Flush every other week to avoid build up in water reservoir

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