C. Love Knot 'Sato'
C. Love Knot 'Sato'
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C. Love Knot 'Sato'

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Cattleyas are easy to care for.  Any transiting or repotting often will often likely shock the roots and drops.  However, Cattleyas have extremely high root regeneration capability once acclimatized to their new homes. 

Cattleyas is very low maintenance for survivability. They are drought tolerant and requires minimal light. However, to induce a spike, they require a high turn-over of wet/dry cycle and light requirement.  Thus ensure a porous medium (bark and sphag mix are great) with drain holes and high air circulation, paired with strong lights and long duration to achieve blooms.





🌡 Temp:


💧 Water:

Wet/Dry, allow almost full dryout



💡 Light:

🌸 High recommended

12-14 hours

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