Alocasia melo

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Alocasia melo has surreal texture to their foliage. They can grow to be quite large but takes a fairly long time.  They tend to maintain a low leaf count (3-5) but continuously grow in leaf size.

💚Difficulty: Intermediate
🪴Size:  Medium
🌱 Grown by: x sib, seed  -  have slight variation
🧬 Genetics:  Alocasia (toxic to pets)

General Care & Culture

🌡 Temp: Intermediate-Warm to Warm/Hot (20-32°C day - 18-24°C night) 18-25°C is acceptable range

💧 Water: Wet to almost dry cycles, complete dryout occasionally but not necessary especially in vegetative (growing) stage.  When roots are abundance can stay more moist. Reverse Osmosis / Distilled or Rain water is best. 

☁️Humidity: 40%+min (40-60% optimal)

💡 Light: Bright indirect (East Morning or Sunset Light direct, Mid-summer day indirect) year round.  Artificial supplementary light recommended in winter or low light homes. 

🌰Media: Aery Soil & Leca drainage. Peat Moss/Bark mix also works

🧪: Fertilize: When it's actively growing in vegetative stage - typically when a leaf emerges and growing. We recommend MSU & Marphyll rotation in low dosage every other watering and allow water flushing in between.

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