Vancouver Group Shipping


Thank you for your interest in the Vancouver group shipping! To be added on the Vancouver group shipping email list, please contact us at the bottom right chat button, any of our socials or email us and let us know! 


Instructions for ordering for Vancouver Group Shipping

1. When purchasing, please add this product to your order. It helps us automatically flag the order for group shipping.

2. In the cart note before you check out - please also add "For Vancouver Group Shipping" We have a lot of orders so just for EXTRA precaution, this will allow my packing staff to know not to ship solo.

3. Select Back Up rate for shipping rate $40 - we will refund a $25 difference. (Apologies for this complication, but this was the only way. I cannot create a special rate that is customer specific - and I didn't want to use a discount code, since you can only use 1 code at a time and will not allow you to use any promotional or code from points)

There will be one tracking sent to our designated receiver and more information on how to pick up will be sent after.

Felix & Andrew