End of summer Roestock & Sale

End of summer Roestock & Sale

August 27, 2022


Continually Updating...

  • Epi. Crystal Valley 'Red Star'
  • Brat. (Miltassia) Charles M. Fitch 'Izumi' AM/AOS
  • Warczewiczella marginata (Seedling / NBS)
  • Hoya mathilde
  • Phal. Leco Fantastic
  • Phal. Soft Cloud
  • Phal. Fuller's Sunset 
  • Phal. Pure Moon 'Green Pixie'
  • Phal. Gold Staff (yellow)
  • Phal NOID (peach)
  • Phalaenopsis NOID (citrus)
  • Phal Jiaho Pink Girl (6 - rehabbed)
  • Cattleya aurantiaca (2 in stock)
  • Cattleya (Lc.) Dakao 'Flammea Enami' BM/TOGA
  • Maxillaria swartziana
  • Den. cucumerinum
  • Paph. spicerianum x Yi-Ying Colorful Clouds
  • Paph. Yi-Ying Twinkling Stars x Colourful Clouds
  • Angraecum pseudofilicornu 
  • Paph hirsutissimum 'Sangwan' AM/RH
  • Spagmoss New Zealand AAA Grade 
  • New* Phalaenopsis Bark Mix
  • New* Slipper Thrive additive 

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Judy Martin said:

Do you ever have cymbidium orchids

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