Pre-Winter shipping

Pre-Winter shipping

October 10, 2022

Hello RoeOrchid Collectors 

Fall Shipping (Oct / Nov)

If you are concerned re: the weather, we will be shipping until Mid December, but will continuously check the temperatures as we move into winter shipping protocol. 

We have shipped 2 day transit shipping with day time approximately 15-16°C and night of 3-8°C without insulation or heatpack to various province last week.  

If temperature drops below 3°C we will begin to add heat pack into the shipping.  We should not be needing any heat packs for the month of October for most major cities.  We will monitor the temperature as we dispatch.


Winter Shipping (Nov end / Dec)

Heat packs are all complimentary for the winter this year for all orders over $150.  This is mostly for box sizing purposes the heat pack cannot be placed in too small of a box) 


Thank you for your amazing support.

Felix & Andrew