Ludisia discolor 'Dragon Fire'

Photographed & Written By: Diane Özdamar

Ludisia Dragon fire 
This beauty has very sparkly veins which colour changes from gold to rose gold, copper and red according to the angle of the light, on a very velvety dark green base colour that looks almost black except when the light hits at certain angles. 

Pictures don't do this orchid justice, it's is truly stunning in real life.

It comes from @roehamptonorchids  which I very highly recommend if you live in Canada. They are not selling orchids collected from the wild (they are actually selecting and cloning their own jewel orchids), which is very important to me, as many of these plants are threatened by poaching and climate change.

If you love jewel orchids, please make sure you get them from reliable sources ❤


☀️ Grown under grow lights (Sansi LED bulb) which stays on for about 14 hours per day. This plant is placed in bright shade not on the brighter spot of the terrarium,

⛰  This plant grows in a small 12" x 12" x 18" ExoTerra terrarium, I use a homemade blend of soil, pumice, worm castings, tree fern, medium grade Orchiata bark, horticultural charcoal, coarse silica sand, roughly chopped sphagnum moss, Leca and coco peat as a potting mix,

💧 Watered with filtered water at room temperature. I keep the potting mix moist at all times, but never soggy wet (I mist it everyday and water a bit more thoroughly when needed),

🌱 Fertilized very weakly weekly with either MSU, Marphyl or Jack's all purpose (I rotate fertilizers so the plants get nutrients from various sources). Since the terrarium is a closed environment, I don't add as much fertilizer as I would normally do,

🌧 Once in a while, I add a tiny bit of citric acid in the water when I fertilize, to reach a pH between 5.5 and 6. This mimics the pH of rain water and helps with nutrients absorption,

🌡Daytime temperatures between 70 to 77 °F / 21 to 25°C, nighttime temperatures between 65 to 68°F / 18 to 20°C

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